About A Devils Advocate

Anyone who reads the papers, watches the news or just trawls about the internet will sooner rather than later come across something that they consider to be a pile of poop.

This could be bad science, faulty reasoning or just a straight attempt to mislead good honest folk.

Of course, if those good honest folk had a few more brain cells they might spot this stuff and go elsewhere for their informative fix. But they don’t, on both accounts, so here we try to put the other side of the picture.

Of course a lot of this site is just an opinion, and like arseholes, everyone has got one. And everyone also has the right to post their version of things, their opinions and their complaints. So if you don’t like what you read here, here are your options;

1. Go away and make your own site, or

2. Go away.

As the meerkat says . . . . . Simples

Final point, all complaints will be looked at, assessed and prob consigned to the bin. We are not here to win a popularity contest, argue points of view, or be PC. If you want to complain see above.